AI Driven Smart Alerts

Our Artificial Intelligence leverage proprietary Machine Learning models to significantly enhances threat detection. Aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK framework, our approach effectively minimizes false positive rates, ensuring more precise and reliable security monitoring.

Proactive Network Security Solution

Unlock unparalleled threat detection with NANO Corp's AI Driven Smart Alerts. Ensures comprehensive attack detection across your organization’s digital environment.

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Prevent data breaches and protect your reputation.
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Keep networks secure and operational.
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Enhance threat detection with machine learning.

Reduce Mean Time to Remediation (MTTR)

Speed is of the essence when reacting to a security breach. With our unique workflow from detection to alert to forensics, we enable security to team to reduce their MTTR to its minimum.

Built Around MITRE ATT&CK

Increase your efficiency by correlating MITRE ATT&CK contextualized network alerts with your SIEM and EDR for a most accurate visibility into threats.

On-Premise AI Models

Detections tailored to your own network, with full metadata: n.Scope Smart Alerts are trained on unfiltered traffic of your network without any breach of confidentiality.

Customizable Alerts

Even if most of our alerts are turn-key, you retain the ability to customize in details their behavior, baseline, threshold, severity and notification behavior.

Zero-Trust Analysis
Sometimes, the clue to an attack lies in just one packet. Our Zero Trust approach ensures that every packet is audited, preventing any threats from getting through."
Contextualized Alerts
Get the full picture. Every notification and communication comes packed with comprehensive context to help analysts assess the threat even more quickly.
Earlier Detection
On-premise AI model training provides a sharper threshold, based on your organization's actual traffic patterns, for faster threat identification.
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Reduced Alert Fatigue
Every probe meta-data is centralized and analysed as a whole, limiting duplicate, incomplete alerts and false-positive.
Lower SIEM licensing costs by utilizing Smart Alerts' correlation capabilities, ensuring only highly probable security alerts are forwarded.
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Retrain when needed
Ever-evolving network topology calls for recalibration. Our on-premise models can be retrained whenever needed, for example after a M&A event.

See the Unseen,
Protect the Unknown.

Explore how Smart Alerting can transform your network security and operations.

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