Deep Network Observation

Deep Network Observation eliminates network blind spots, ensures compliance, enhances security posture, and supports through audits.

Deep Network Insight

Discover the power of Deep Observability by Nano Corp, your definitive solution for unmatched network visibility and security.

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The last probe you’ll ever need however your infrastructure evolves
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With over 120 protocols detection we have the lowest false positive rate in the market
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Insight on all traffic including encrypted

Real-Time Security Insights

Advanced machine learning algorithms and behavioral analysis for immediate threat detection and proactive management.

Effortless Deployment

Smooth and effective integration across IT, OT, on-premises, and cloud networks.

NANO Probes

With the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the market, you can mitigate all risks associated with your attack surface without jeopardizing your budget.

120+ Protocol Supported

Ensure comprehensive monitoring and threat detection across your network infrastructure.

L2 to L7 Support

Unmatched visibility and security coverage, empowering you to protect your network at every level of operation.

Packet Level Precision

Nano Probe de-encapsulates, extracts, and classifies header metadata for each packet running on the network, ensuring unmatched precision and relevance.

Comprehensive Coverage
No blind spots in security monitoring.
Operational Visibility
Unify SOC and NOC with a single, reliable data source.
Cost Efficiency
Don't sacrifice security coverage because of budget constraints.
Minimize Impact
Proactively identify and mitigate threats to avoid business disruption.
Enhanced Compliance
By continuously monitoring your network, implement regulatory standards and demonstrate your compliance with them.
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Instant Audit Capability
Rapid assessments for M&A activities and during transition periods.

See the Unseen,
Protect the Unknown.

Explore how Deep Observability revolutionize your network security and operations.

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