Live Forensic

Live Forensic revolutionize Network Security Analysis with instant and targeted network traffic recording, from core to edge and from edge to cloud. It captures and correlates network packets to specific events, using fine-grained filters for precise analysis. It drastically reduces raw data volume for quicker investigations and evidence hunting.

Capture the right data, at the right time.

Harness the dynamic capabilities of Live Forensic by NANO Corp. Collect, store, and analyze evidence to get the full picture of an incident with its root cause and related events.

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Comprehensive packet capture
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Expedited Network Analysis
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Rewind Technology captures initiator packets

Automated Packet Capture

Streamline evidence collection, by leveraging a native integration between Smart Alerting and Live Forensic API.

Surgical Records with Fine-Grained Filters

Fine-tune your data collection with precision, focus your data analysis.

Search Live Network MetaData

Access real-time network metadata search capabilities, enabling quick and accurate event retrieval.

PCAP Meta-Data Extraction & Search

Efficiently extract and search PCAP meta-data, providing a comprehensive view of network activities.

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Broadest Filtering Capabilities
Our Packet Capture solution offers the most fine-grained, precise ,and customizable record options on the market.  
60 Seconds Buffer
Our unique and patented Rewind technology is your network Time-Machine : Start packet captures up to 60 seconds in the past.
Neatly Integrated
Packet Captures brings all the Smart Alert detection context for an easy and painless analysis.
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Optimized IT Resources
No more huge PCAP files to store and refine endlessly. Live Forensic only stores what is really important for the investigation.
Versatile Network Support
From Core to Edge, from Edge to Cloud, Live Forensic captures any packet anywhere.
Faster Resolution
Speed up analysis to meet report SLAs, and fast-track learning and remediation by delevering evidence reports faster.

See the Unseen,
Protect the Unknown.

Explore how Live Forensic can revolutionize your network security and operations.

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